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How many times have you had something strange/magical/spiritual happen to you and wondered what it meant? How often have you felt blocked, like your psychic abilities are right there but for some reason you just can’t seem to access them? How much would your life, your growth, change if you could tune into your unique psychic abilities and use them when and how you wanted?

What if you could develop that mediumship, or future sight, or energy healing ability you have always wanted to? What if you could tune in and release any blocks that come up in any are of your life in a matter of minutes? What if you could be confident in your psychic abilities and use them to help others?

How would your life change?

Your Divine Timing has brought you here. Psychic Soul Magic is the key to opening the door on your psychic gifts and starting you on the magical path of healing and transformation through them.

Hi! I am Emily Dexter.

I am professional Psychic, bestselling author, CEO of The Forgotten Storytellers, Spiritual Influencer and creator of Psychic Soul Magic.

I have helped hundreds of clients from all around the world awaken and learn to use their unique psychic abilities. And it is my mission to help people see the wonderful magic within them! Because yes, everyone does have their own set of Psychic Gifts.

My life was not always filled with amazing energetic and psychic magic like it is now.

As a child I was able to access my abilities but as I reached adolescence all the yuck of life began getting the way and I suppressed my abilities, and therefore my intuition, with them, and effectively turning them into a source of fear. 

After leaving a severely abusive marriage in my early 20s I set out on a quest to overcome my fears, release my blocks and fully connect with my psychic abilities once more.

However, that quest was years longer and a TON harder than it ever should have been!

That is why I created Psychic Soul Magic, to share all my knowledge with you and take the mystery, ambiguity and unnecessary struggle out of opening up and using your unique soul magic! Because, there is no reason that learning to use your Psychic Abilities has to be hard. 

It is my belief that using your psychic gifts should be a fun and connective experience that is both healing and expansive without the pressure of the 3D world to limit you.

There has never been a better time to take the leap and explore your psychic gifts, the planet’s vibration is rising, people are waking up, and its time we allow ourselves the freedom to be as magical as we were born to be! 


Q: How long is Psychic Soul Magic? 

A: The course is designed to be completed over the course of nine weeks, however, you can use the processes taught in the course to help you open as many abilities as you would like. Meaning you can make the program last as long as you need! 

Q: How much time each day will I need to devote to this? 

A: Great question! No more than 15 minutes a day typically, though there are some longer pieces the goal is not for you to have to spend hours a day. This entire course is focused on keeping things simple and fun! So, no more than an hour or two a week. 

Q: Is this course just to help me see the future? 

A: Nope! Being psychic doesn’t actually mean you can see the future, that is just one of the many man psychic abilities there are! This course covers the process of opening up any psychic gift you would like to, whether that is mediumship, past life viewing, chatting with spirit guides, animal or plant communication, talking with ghosts and spirits, astral projection, lucid dreaming and MORE!

Q: Will this work for everyone? 

A: YEP! Everyone was born with their own unique psychic senses and gifts, so this will work for anyone who puts in the effort to make it work! 

Q: What if I already use one or two psychic abilities, will this help me use more? 

A: HECK YES, and along the way I am certain it will help you grow in other ways too! 

Q: I am actually a bit scared to open my Psychic Abilities, will this course address that also?

A: I am so glad you asked. Absolutely, Psychic Soul Magic, not only helps you open your abilities, but also helps you to be safe and confident while using them.

Q: I’m not great with technology, is this course easy to take? 

A: Super Duper easy! Once you buy you will get access to the program right off the bat! After that the system guides you through it step by step!

Q: How long will I have access to the course after I buy it?

A: Forever!! Once you purchase Simply Sacred Channeling it is yours to refer to and take as many times as you would like! But be sure you grab it soon because this price for it is NOT going to last forever.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A:Nope! I refuse to let you not commit your full energy to your full magic and therefore, we do not offer refunds.

Who Psychic Soul Magic is for

The Beginners

Those just starting down their magical path.

Maybe you have had a reading done before but that is about it when it comes to connecting to the magic within you.

However, you have always always wanted to be psychic and use the magic within you, though you aren't quite sure if that is even possible for you.

Spoiler, it is totally possible!

The Clarity Keepers

Those who know that they need to connect with their psychic abilities in order to tune into their purpose, heal from the wounds of their past, and take themselves to the next level.

You have always been interested in all things spiritual and magic but seem to have been hitting a wall.

You know that if you could just awaken your gifts that you could break through to the next level version of you and move forward into a better and more magical life!

The Soul Servers

Those who want to serve and help the world with their abilities.

Perhaps you want to help people get closure with their loved ones on the other side or maybe you want to be able to tune in and energetically heal their bodies.

Whatever it is you have a helping heart, want to help people and know that learning how to tap into your deeper gifts is how you are drawn to doing so!

If you are any or all of these people they Psychic Soul Magic is made for you and your journey!

What people say about Psychic Soul Magic and Emily’s other courses:

The vibration of the planet is raising and we are all feeling the change. The call deep in our souls to tune in, to connect, and to heal. 
You were born to be here. You are ready. And the world truly needs your magic. 
Its a time to remember all the parts of you, that is why Psychic Soul Magic exists. To help you reclaim yourself and help us all raise the vibration of this world together. 
So join us! We would love to have you and help you connect with your magic!

Are you ready to access and use your Unique Psychic Abilities?